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Into the Fray

~Rise from the ashes and born anew~

Lady Phoenix
22 July 1989

This is my life; I control it.

This is how she lives-

"As the newborn phoenix rises into the sky, its wingbeat kicks up the dust of its former body -- pay respect to these falling ashes, for they are the experiences and memories of the sacred bird's past incarnations in tangible form." ~ero_sempai

This is her alternate personality-

Writing/poetry journal @ ashen_rose

And these are her important people.

Rosa Multiflora Family @ gardenofmaidens
Rosa Multiflora: phoenixfire_rin
Rosa Multiflora en Bouton: phoenixpaladin
Rosa Multiflora Petite Soeur: leelas

I am a proud member of __guiding_star.

Star Corvus: ladybrighid3333
Star Shadow Corvus: phoenixpaladin
Star Light Corvus: flowed
Star Nova Corvus: utaeru

Orchid Vanilla @ every_soeur
Orchid Vanilla: phoenixpaladin
Orchid Vanilla en Bouton: jihi_chan
Orchid Vanilla en Bouton Petite Soeur: himechi

My LJ wife is destiny_lynn~ ♥~~~ I married her at marry_a_ljuser on March 22nd, 2007~~~

Let the credits roll.

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